Why Women?Females make 85% of all consumer brand purchases. Make sure they choose yours.

That’s because in many cases, marketers ignore the female. In the very worst situations, attempts to reach her are off the mark and insulting. The fact is, these same women are spending $20 trillion on consumer products each year. Naïvely, advertisers aren’t nurturing a relationship with their largest target audience.

We are different. From day one, the work at Holland + Holland has connected with women. We’re certain that’s because our creative director is part of only 3 percent of females holding the same title. Stephanie directs campaigns that subtly welcome the household CEO to do business with the brands we nurture. The result is never surface and never forced, but it is the core of everything we do. We’ve found that our whispers are far more powerful than a shout. To sum up, the successful brands we’ve created over the years can be credited to a woman’s quiet, yet powerful intuition speaking in kind. (photograph by O. V. Hunt)

It seemed a shame to keep such good information to ourselves. With the social media revolution came She-conomy, an organic extension of the Holland + Holland female expertise in the form of a blog. After all, with its inherent conversational tone and variety of dimensions, social media is a natural for reaching women.

As early adopters across the social platforms, we have a head start on marketing to women using the interactive web. Stephanie has gotten some serious recognition for her efforts. She’s been quoted in publications like Marketing Week, featured on NPR and listed as a top blogger on Forbes.

With this expertise, we’d like to help you reach your female target audience the right way—in her voice, on her terms, in her space.