Why Social?Because you are a topic of conversation on the web—whether you want to be or not.

Statistics prove that social media networks are a powerful force on the Web and they’re growing exponentially every day. From May 2008-May 2009, unique visitors to LinkedIn grew by 90%. Facebook was up 97%. Twitter increased by an astounding 2681%. As droves of people join online networks, connect with more people, and become increasingly active and vocal participants in the social space, discussion about your brand has increased markedly. You are a topic of conversation on the Web.

You may choose to maintain a hands-off approach, stick to your traditional avenues of marketing and allow people to talk about you. You may value social media only for the additional tools and technology it provides your company, push out one-way messages and talk at your audience. Or, you may establish an engaging presence in online communities, and effectively weave your brand into organic conversation.

Data is pouring in daily to prove the last option is the only way to go if you intend to become or to maintain a successful brand. Companies who embrace the social realm will:

-Augment and strengthen customer service
-Increase customer engagement
-Direct consumer communication
-Enjoy quick feedback
-Learn customer preferences
-Carve out a targeted audience with international reach
-Establish themselves as an industry authority
-Create a network of “raving fans,” people who do your PR for you
-Increase sales

Consumers want to be heard. Your presence is necessary and your participation is essential. But just being there isn’t enough. As you navigate the sea of social media participants, you have to know which bait catches your desired fish. That’s where we come in. Holland + Holland has been actively researching and participating in the social space since its infancy. We’re here to show you how to combine these tools and make the social space work for your business.