Why Brand? Differentiation. Consistency. Voice. A brand creates your unique imprint.

Way back when, a brand was a stamp to tell one rancher’s cattle from the herd. Over the years, the term has evolved to mean everything that contributes to a company, service or product’s collective personality, the things that identify or differentiate you from the pack.

It may be a logo, a color palate or a business philosophy. It may even be your employees and your approach to customer service. Whichever parts make up the perception, you want to have a say in what people think. That means making sure all of these messages say the same thing—who you are. But with so many influences, how can you make that happen?

We’ve been crafting and maintaining successful brands for 27 years. Our method is tried and true—we dive in and we dig deep. We do our homework. We get to know your industry, your product, your team and even a good sample of your customers. Often times, the more we ask the more questions arise. Getting to that most salient bit of information may require major excavation. Once it is unearthed we will have removed the guesswork and created an obvious path to the solution.

We have a name for this: the 3-D Approach. Not just because it adds greater dimension to the final results, but because it also allows for a simple explanation of our complex methods.

Depth. It’s expected that an agency will ask questions of its client. Just how far they take it depends on the agency. We can’t imagine claiming to understand your business without delving into your industry, the competition and every other factor that plays a role in your marketing situation. We begin to see your organization as both insiders and outsiders.

Distill. Finding what’s key out of a mountain of information takes the ability to discern. By piecing together what’s relevant, eventually even the most tangled marketing problems will begin to clarify. Separating the essential from the extraneous is one of the most important factors behind successful marketing plans.

Difference. You have a story to tell. There’s something different about your product that customers need to know. Sometimes clients are so close to their products that they miss the difference customers value most. Because we’re thorough, we find those differences. But it’s not enough to just know the marketable difference; you have to be able to capitalize on it. That difference becomes the center of our efforts.

At this point things start to become obvious. Objectives become clear. Solutions appear. To keep it all in harmony, Holland + Holland goes to great lengths to make sure all marketing executions flow from the same core idea.

We create designs, colors and messages that, without wavering our findings, communicate consistently. We aid you in sharing who you are in everything you do.